Thursday, March 28, 2013

How To Activate The iPad and Sync it Using iTunes

After unboxing your iPad, you will be need to activate it using iTunes running on a desktop or laptop. If you haven't got a computer, Apple Stores should be willing to do the activation for you. but you're better off activating your iPad on your own PC or Mac, because you can then add content and apps from the computer.

This tutorial walks you through the process of setting up an iPad. For now, the most important thing to note is that an iPad can only be linked to a single iTunes library, so link it with the computer you'll most often connect it to. Once you sync the iPad with another library, the content from the new library will replace the corresponding type of content already on the iPad, so you may want to proceed with care.

You'll notice that in the wakthrough, we don't recommend automatically syncing conten during set-up. That's simply because doing so can take a very long time. We suggest that having activated your iPad, you then select specific content (iTunes playlists, individual films, certain iPhone apps) to add to it.

Not that when you first check "Sync Apps", iTunes will try to add them all to your iPad, a process that may take several minutes. If you subsequently want to uncheck all apps, Command-click(Mac) or AltGr-click(Windows) any app in the sort list.

Finally, while you can fill your iPad to the brim, leave some space free (about 0.5-1GB), because without it larger apps may not update properly later on.

How To Activate The iPad and Sync it Using iTunes
1. Name your iPad : Plug your iPad into your computer and you'll be asked to name it. Uncheck all of the checkboxes so you can manually define what to sync. Click 'Done'.

 How To Activate The iPad and Sync it Using iTunes
 2. Do the initial sync: Your iPad will sync your library, to which it is now linked. Not the options in the Summary screen, including downsampling of audio ('Conver ..') to save space on your iPad.

 How To Activate The iPad and Sync it Using iTunes
3. Sync content: Tabs within iTunes provide access to different types of content. Select each in turn, tap the 'Sync' checkbox and define which playlist, apps, videos or photos you want to sync.

 How To Activate The iPad and Sync it Using iTunes

4. Start using your iPad: Once your sync (or syncs) are done, your content is ready to use your iPad.

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